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This article contains a selection of updates and images I've posted on Social Media (Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) over Autumn 2016; from September 21st 2016 to December 21st 2016.


Mid- November 2016: I loved this image of one of the benches in the garden of Lewis J Man of Premier Bonsai during a visit in mid-November. Lewis is amassing a fantastic collection of trees that we have worked on together over the year; for a relatively young man in bonsai, he's doing extremely well for himself already!
Centre is a tall Japanese White Bonsai I gave a quick 3 hour styling to during my visit. The first branch will need to be dropped further in the future but was a little too old to be bent too far yesterday.
It is flanked on either side by two Junipers we have also styled during the summer of 2016.

bonsai garden

Mid- November 2016: A quick shot of my garden, taken on my mobile phone in mid-November. With the leaves from the (full-sized) Willow having started falling, Autumn had most definitely arrived!

elm bonsai

Mid- November 2016: An early morning image of me alongside my big Field Elm bonsai for a forthcoming feature in Bonsai Espirit magazine. The autumn colour of this tree is reliably good.
Ulmus procera/Field Elm Bonsai
Height above the pot:27"/69cm. Trunkbase: 17"/43cm wide
Overall width of the bonsai: 39"/89cm
Bonsai pot by Victor Harris of Erin Pottery

hawthorn bonsai

Late November 2016: As the leaves began to fall from deciduous trees in the UK, I started collecting more yamadori Hawthorn. This was a particular favourite out of the new trees.......

hawthorn bonsai

Late November 2016: ......having a powerful short trunk and an amazing natural nebari.

hawthorn bonsai

Late November 2016: This Hawthorn was collected a year previously in 2015; now that its leaves had fallen, I pruned back its current years' growth hard to encourage backbudding from the trunk during the following Spring (to build the new branch structure). 
The tree has some fantastic deadwood and narrow live-veins as a result of decades of being chewed by deer. However, there was a bulge halfway up the trunk that led to inverse-taper.

hawthorn bonsai

Late November 2016: And so, a further job for me was to carefully carve the deadwood, so that the live vein was separated from the main trunk, to remove the inverse taper.

hawthorn bonsai

Early December 2016: A very old yamadori Hawthorn after carving in early December. Again all new growth was pruned back hard after leaf-fall, and I carved some areas of the trunk and roots I no longer required for the future design of the tree.
Height 18"/44cm (to the top of the trunk), trunkbase 10"/25cm wide

bonsai magazine bonsai espiritbonsai magazine

Early December 2016: Ahead of the official release of the US edition of my book "The Foundations of Bonsai" in early 2017, I was sent this copy of a fantastic review in the December edition of Bonsai Espirit magazine.

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