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This article contains a selection of updates and images I've posted on Social Media (Google+ and Facebook) over Spring 2016; from March 21st 2016 to June 21st 2016.

beds bonsai club

Mid-April 2016: Working on a Scots Pine during a workshop at the Beds Bonsai Club in April.

oak bonsai

Mid-April 2016: A superb Oak semi-cascade bonsai seen on a visit to a garden in France in mid-April, one of many high quality trees we were lucky enough to see during our visit.

scots pine bonsai

Mid-April 2016: Scots Pine multi-trunk bonsai seen in France.

jose redondo bonsai

Mid-April 2016: My travelling companion in France, Jose Redondo, working on a Yew bonsai.

japanese red pine bonsai

Mid-April 2016: An amazing yamadori Pinus densiflora / Japanese Red Pine bonsai I had the great pleasure of working on in France. Its owner Stavros Stavrakis told me that it had been collected in Korea many years ago making the tree incredibly rare (apparently there are now no yamadori red pine left in Korea).

japanese black pine shohin bonsai

Late-April 2016: A superb shohin Pinus thunbergii / Japanese Black Pine bonsai belonging to student Alex Mai Bonsai we worked on in late April. Bought in Spain, this bonsai has a massive spreading nebari that fills most of this (temporary) bonsai pot.

hawthorn bonsai

Late-April 2016: A snapshot of one of my Hawthorn bonsai in the Spring sunshine. A tree I collected 12-13 years previously, its nearly always the first of my hawthorn to come into leaf each year.
Its flanked here by a unstyled yamadori Juniper sabina and my Privet landscape.

cherry bonsai

Late-April 2016: Preparing a big Shikizaki Cherry bonsai ready for photographing. This was a tree I had heavily pruned and styed for a client prior to repotting into a purpose built Dan Barton bonsai pot.There were still plenty of improvements that could be made to the branch structure over the following years, but I was pleased with this initial styling.

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