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This article contains a selection of updates and images I've posted on Social Media (Google+ and Facebook) over Spring 2016; from March 21st 2016 to June 21st 2016.

trident maple bonsai

Mid-May 2016: In mid-May 2016 I had the great pleasure of attending the Middlesex Bonsai Society Annual Show in Ruislip, England.

trident maple bonsai

Mid-May 2016: Shown here, a superb Acer buergerianum/Trident Maple Bonsai with a large-plated nebari.

scots pine bonsai

Mid-May 2016: And a Pinus sylvestris/Scots Pine bonsai at the Middlesex Bonsai Society Show. More images from this Show can be seen here Images from the 2016 Middlesex Bonsai Society Annual Show (UK)

tilia linden bonsai

Mid-May 2016: My Small-Leaved Lime/Tilia cordata bonsai, photographed in early May in my garden. Although the Spring leaves tend to be over-sized, the tree still makes quite a display.
Height 22"/56cm
In development since 2001 from a pencil-thick sapling.
Planted in an Erin Bonsai Pot by Victor Harris
For the fully detailed Progression Series of this tree, please see my second book "Bonsai Inspirations 2"

pomegranate bonsai

Mid-May 2016: Specimen Punica granatum/ Pomegranate Bonsai with a naturally occurring spiralled trunk. Height 35cm/14.5" trunkbase.

mugo pine bonsai

Mid-May 2016: Close-up of the branches of an unstyled Pinus mugo/ Mugo Pine Bonsai with a natural habit of producing unusually dense back-budding.

bonsai polytunnel

Late-May 2016: The poly-tunnel was a great help during the Winter for keeping the cold off newly collected yamadori, but it really came into its own for raising humidity levels as the trees came into growth in Spring.
These images show views inside the poly-tunnel in late May where temperatures were reaching 25-30C and extremely humid. Ideal for recovery and very strong growth on these newly collected yamadori including hawthorn, many well over a hundred years of age, some big beech and in the foreground, a chinese juniper that had just been heavily bent.

bonsai polytunnel

bonsai polytunnel


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