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This article contains a selection of updates and images I've posted on Social Media (Google+ , Facebook , Instagram) over the Summer of 2016; from June 21st to September 21st 2016.

juniper bonsai

Mid-July 2016: I was generously gifted this 75cm tall Chinese Juniper bonsai by Roger Gibbs, the Chairman of the Middlesex Bonsai Society in March 2016. As can be seen in this image, the foliage mass of the tree was carried very high up on a single, thick branch.

juniper bonsai

Mid-July 2016: Detail of the split and compressed branches of the Juniper bonsai.

juniper bonsai

Mid-July 2016: I decided to carefully bend and compact the 2"-3" thick live branch, by splitting it away from the deadwood and using turnbuckles to compress the existing bends. This work was carried out in early April and the tree went from strength to strength, seemingly unaffected. Future work will entail carving the deadwood and wiring and styling the foliage mass.

pomegranate bonsai

Late July 2016: 14"/34cm Punica granatum/Pomegranate bonsai with a heavily coiled trunk, re-styled on a Saturday morning with its owner.
We decided to remove two awkward, heavy branches, partially defoliate and re-wire the tree, we think, to great effect.

field maple bonsai

Late July 2016: New image of my Acer campestre/Field Maple bonsai, courtesy of Darren Turner, using the Tokonoma and studio belonging to the late Paul Goff.
Height 14"/35cm,
Bonsai developed from a sapling I planted in 2001.
Pot by Victor Harris of Erin Bonsai / Pottery

privet bonsai wiring

Late July 2016: In preparation for the arrival of the new "skull" pot from Thor Holvilla, I detail-wired what has become known as the Skull Privet bonsai in July 2016. The tree had also been defoliated and the deadwood treated with Wood Hardener.

bonsai garden

Early August 2016: View of my bonsai garden during the Summer.

bonsai garden

Early August 2016: and the garden looking back up towards the house with my work area pictured top-centre.

chinese elm bonsai

Early August 2016: Exposed root (neagari) Ulmus parvifolia/ Chinese Elm I have styled over the past year for a client. Height approximately 20"/50cm.
The upper image shows the tree before work began; as well as needing a good prune and a better bonsai pot, the tree was positioned very badly. It is also noticeable the improvement in leaf colour now that the poor quality, compacted soil has been replaced.

chinese elm bonsai

Early August 2016: Detail of Ulmus parvifolia/ Chinese Elm trunk and new pot by Victor Harris.

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