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This article contains a selection of updates and images I've posted on Social Media (Google+ , Facebook , Instagram) over the Summer of 2016; from June 21st to September 21st 2016.

olive bonsai

Late August 2016: 'Final' images of the Olea / Olive belonging to Alex Mai Bonsai, carved and styled in July 2016. Alex had done a great job of increasing the ramification over the Summer, as well as keeping the new growth refined.
The deadwood was gently lime-sulphured to lighten some of the darker areas along with some more refinement of the branch structure.
Height 20"/49cm, trunkbase 11"/27cm. Antique Shu-hu bonsai pot.

olive bonsai

Late August 2016: Yamadori Olea sylvestris/ Olive bonsai, May 2015 to August 2016.

olive bonsai

Late August 2016: One of the hardest parts of styling the yamadori Olive was carving and the thinning the top of the trunk so it was strictly in keeping with the natural deadwood. With the carving work carried out in June, in August I added ash followed by lime-sulphur to give as natural a colour and tone as possible.

olive bonsai

Late August 2016: Detail of the back of the Olive bonsai.

cornus yamadori bonsai

Early September 2016: 4 old layers of live-vein on a very old deer-grazed Dogwood/cornus seen while in the hills looking for yamadori in September. 

cornus yamadori bonsai

Early September 2016: Very old, deer-grazed Dogwood/cornus seen in the hills today. The trunk has been left with this live-vein by the deer. 

yamadori hills

Early September 2016: Walking the hills on a hot sunny day in the Chilterns, UK 

yew raft yamadori

Early September 2016: Finally, a natural Yew raft. Created from a low branch that has rooted itself to the ground, each of the small "trees" in the raft have been repeatedly chewed back by deer/rabbits 

parthenocissus bonsai

Early September 2016: A new Parthenocissus quinquefolia / Virginia Creeper bonsai of mine that I collected as a stump last Winter. 22"/54cm in height with a nice big 8"/20cm base. 
A species I've not grown for a few years, they're very fast growing and easy to look after. Although the leaves are over-sized, they do reduce in time and give vivid red autumn colour.

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