Bonsai Winter Images 2015/16

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This article contains a selection of updates and images I've posted on Social Media (Google+ and Facebook) over the Winter of 2015/16; from December 21st 2015 to March 21st 2016.

maple bonsai

Early February 2016: A third tree repotted during a lesson with student Alex Mai Bonsai in early Februry, an Acer palmatum Shishigashira, newly planted in another vintage Watanabe Ikkou pot from Japan.
Height 10"/24cm approx.

pomegranate bonsai

Mid-February 2016: A gorgeous, twisting 14"/35cm tall Punica granatum/ Pomegranate Bonsai I was able to offer for sale on my sales page.

larch bonsai forest

Late February 2016: A Larix/Larch bonsai group styling I completed for a client in February. The wire went on this one surprisingly quickly, in just under 10 hours.
All that remained for this group was a new more suitable pot.
Height of tallest tree 20"/49cm

bonsai garden

Late February 2016: I realised during 2015 that the mature trees on the boundary of my garden were shading my bonsai. In late February 2016, Sean The Apprentice and Jose The Spanish Gardener came over armed with chainsaws and made short work of letting the light in! With the sun shining, it was lovely to see how much more light was coming in where previously it had been shaded!

bonsai pots

Late February 2016: Student Alex was in my garden in late February with a few bonsai that needed repotting, and a very nice selection of bonsai pots to choose from! Centre of the image is his Acer palmatum Shishigashira prior to repotting.

maple bonsai pot painted

Late February 2016: The Acer palmatum Shishigashira, repotted into a painted oval by Tosui and called the "Fox's Wedding"!
The tree itself had the usual central core of field-soil (read: cement) that had not been removed until this point, and as a result, the tree would benefit greatly. After removal of a couple of ugly heavy roots, we were left with a much improved trunkbase/nebari.
We felt the tree/pot combination was fairly bold but that the dark green leaves of the Shishi would be picked up in the painted glaze of the pot and worked well.

maple bonsai pot painted

Late February 2016: Detail of the painted Tosui painted bonsai pot.

bonsai pot

Late February 2016: Finally, Alex's tiny, 10"/25cm tall Acer palmatum Deshojo, repotted into a blue Koyo (Koichirou Aiba) Japanese pot.

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