Large Privet Bonsai Progression

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Large Privet Bonsai

June 2013: The privet bonsai in early Summer 2013 with a good volume of new Spring growth. As with the previous growing season, the bonsai was allowed to grow freely and regain its vigour.

Large Privet Bonsai

September 2013: Three years after being given the tree and its initial styling, I carried what I consider to be a 'final' styling, rewiring all of the branches and reworking the deadwood. The deadwood design was accentuated by blackening the hollows, using a gas-torch to burn the wood while the highlights of the deadwood were 'aged'.

Privet bonsai. Height 16"/39cm, Trunk diameter 7"/17cm

privet bonsai

Detail of the base of the bonsai.

privet bonsai

Privet bonsai: August 2010 - September 2013

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