Large Privet Bonsai Progression

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privet bonsai

March 2014: Victor Harris of Erin Bonsai built a handmade pot for the tree over the Winter of 2013/14, and in early March 2014 the bonsai was repotted into its new home.

Privet bonsai. Height 16"/39cm, Trunk diameter 7"/17cm

privet bonsai pot

March 2014: The bonsai pot was designed to reflect and accentuate my carving at the base of the tree; creating a flow from tree into the pot itself.

privet bonsai

The Privet in September 2013, still in its old bonsai pot, and March 2014, after repotting. Setting the two images against each other illustrates the difference a good quality bonsai pot can make to a bonsai.

Update June 2017:

privet bonsai

In June 2017 I re-styled the Privet bonsai after my son Jake had defoliated it.
In development since 2010, some of the wood had become very soft and rotten over the years, and so in May 2017 I carved out the very pulpy wood, at the same time improving on my previous work. I then treated the deadwood with Cyanoacrylate, also known as superglue, to thoroughly harden the wood.

Using liquid superglue, not gel, I waited until the wood was as dry as possible in the early Summer heat. I kept applying superglue onto the wood, until it became glossy (as with wood hardeners), showing that no more liquid would be accepted. I then just wire-brushed the surface of the wood when the glue had dried to remove the gloss finish. For areas under soil-level, I just pulled back the soil, dried the wood with a gas torch and applied plenty of the glue.
Although I wouldn't advocate getting any glue on live roots (!), any run off into the soil generally does no harm and it's spread into the surrounding soil is very limited.

Current height 16"/39cm, Trunk diameter 7"/17cm

privet bonsai

July 2017: A few weeks later and the Privet bonsai back in leaf.

privet bonsai

Seen from the back of the tree.