Privet Bonsai: Carving 3 Trunks Into 1

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Update July 2017:

Privet bonsai

During July 2017 I decided to re-work the Privet. The deadwood was re-hardened, this time using Cyanacrylate (Superglue) prior to some further refinement of the wood itself (for further details of this technique please see Using Superglue To Harden Deadwood On Bonsai).The branches were then defoliated, pruned, wired and repositioned.

Privet bonsai deadwood

Detail of the deadwood itself after hardening and refining.

Privet bonsai

The tree seen from the front-right view........

privet bonsai

...........and from my preferred view, turned a few degrees anti-clockwise so that the rear of the deadwood can be seen through the gap in the tree.

A short video showing the deadwood of the finished work.

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