Cherry Mame Bonsai Progression Series

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Note the effect of the airlayer-base swelling where the new roots have emerged from the cambium layer. On a trunk only 1" in diameter, this swelling amounts to a considerable improvement in the girth of the trunkbase!

cherry bonsai

By May 2004 the new structure of the bonsai had been established, the trunk had been considerably reduced, a new nebari (surface roots) had been developed and a new foliage mass had grown.

cherry bonsai

With a new height of just 3.5"/9cm, the dimensions of the tiny cherry bonsai could only be truly understood when seen in context, as the picture of the tree above illustrates.

For the next 6 years the tree went through a development cycle of being allowed to grow before being pruned back very hard in the Autumn after leaf-fall. The heavy autumn pruning ensured that there were plenty of new buds appeared in the very small area of the upper trunk to create a foliage mass the following year while also trying to ensure that the trunk did not lose its taper.

Whilst mame bonsai do not require the many years of vigorous growth required by larger trees to achieve a large girth, they do require much more time to develop trunk taper and branches with short internodes.

cherry bonsai buds

March 2010. The Cherry bonsai seen in early Spring with its new flower and leaf buds appearing. The flower buds are relatively easy to distinguish in this image as the light pink of the flowers' petals can be easily seen; however at this stage the leafbuds are still small and will not begin to open until flowering has almost finished.

cherry bonsai roots

Early April 2010. Over the past 6 years since airlayering the tree, the roots have lignified (the wood has become mature) and have thickened producing a pleasing nebari and trunkbase. The rectangle pot from Walsall Ceramics is just 2cm deep and 11cm wide but the tree happily grows in the very limited volume of soil even through the heat of the summer.

cherry bonsai

Early April 2010: With the whirls of new leaves just beginning to open, the Cherry Bonsai is seen in flower.

Height of the tree: 3.5"/9cm tall with a 4cm/1.5" wide trunkbase (above the roots).

cherry bonsai flower close up

Finally, a close-up of the beautiful soft pink flowers of Fuji Cherry/Prunus incisa

cherry bonsai

Early April 2012: The Cherry bonsai in flower again two years later.

cherry bonsai

The reverse side of the Fuji Cherry.

cherry bonsai

Height of the tree: 3.5"/9cm tall with a 4cm/1.5" wide trunkbase (above the roots).

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