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Update March 2016:

cherry bonsai

Prunus incisa 'Kojo-no-mai'/Fuji Cherry. Height of the tree: 3.5"/9cm tall with a 4cm/1.5" wide trunkbase (above the roots).

During 2013 the tree barely grew, had started suffering from dieback of the branches and the roots were in poor condition. I concluded that after so many years of being grown in very small containers, the Cherry needed re-invigorating and I planted it into a raised planting-bed where it had a free root-run and was left to grow freely. After a couple of years, the tree was lifted from the bed and was returned to its bonsai pot in early 2016, a much healthier specimen as a result of free growth.

cherry bonsai

Detail of the flowers on the first branch during March 2016

My patience was rewarded in early Spring 2016 by a plentiful display of blooms on the tree.

cherry bonsai

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