Images from the Art Of Bonsai In Wales Show. Newport, Wales June 2018

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On June 17th 2018 I had the great pleasure of visiting the first Art Of Bonsai In Wales in Newport, South Wales (UK). Held in a modern Art Centre in the centre of Newport next to the river, the layout of the building with its long glass windows and 3 levels made a hugely refreshing change from the most Bonsai Shows. Rather than having the more traditional display with long lines of bonsai placed on tables, at this event the trees were shown in a variety of different situations.

Credit should go to Nigel Croome, Anne Campbell and the Cardiff Bonsai Society for their organisation of the event.

The following article contains a selection of my favourite images from the event. There were many high quality trees on display, however the conditions for photography (particularly against the bright glass windows) made photographing some trees difficult. I have credited the owner of each tree where possible, however, there were a number that had no name plate.

Art of Bonsai in Wales Show

The first floor balcony with the trees displayed on pedestals.

Art of Bonsai in Wales Show

Sean Stolp (aka Sean The Apprentice) and I had a fantastic space on the first level overlooking the river. Alongside my trade stand, we had my Elm bonsai (left) andSean made his debut displaying his Larch bonsai (right), in its new pot by Daniel Butler, started over 27 years ago from a sapling.

Art of Bonsai in Wales Show

Larch bonsai by Sean Stolp.

Art of Bonsai in Wales Show

My Privet bonsai.

Hawthorn bonsai simon temblett

A superb Hawthorn bonsai by Simon Temblett.

Hawthorn bonsai simon temblett

Hawthorn bonsai by Simon Temblett and my Privet.

crab apple bonsai

Crab Apple bonsai by Simon Temblett.

hawthorn bonsai

Hawthorn bonsai

oak bonsai

Oak bonsai by Glyn Parsons on a central table.

larch bonsai

Larch bonsai by Paul Spearman.

larch and hawthorn bonsai

Larch and Hawthorn bonsai.

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