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This article contains a selection of updates and images I've posted on Social Media (Google+ and Facebook) over the Autumn/Fall of 2014; from September 21st to December 21st 2014.

juniper bonsai

Early October 2014: Working the deadwood of an old collected Sabina Juniper bonsai in early October with a student.
Above, Alistair begins removing bark from the trunk following the new life-line I had marked out for him

juniper bonsai

Early October 2014: The Juniper sabina bonsai, fully styled during an Intensive Bonsai course I hosted.
Height 33cm/13" in a Chinese pot being used as a temporary container. The fully story of this bonsai can be seen here Carving and Styling a Juniper sabina Bonsai

privet bonsai

Early October 2014: Another bonsai worked on during the Intensive Bonsai course. The foliage was thinned and deadwood cleaned before taking these new images.
Ligustrum ovalifolium/Common Privet bonsai
Height 19"/48 cm
Developed from an old hedgerow tree collected in 2004.
Planted in a pot by Victor Harris

scots pine bonsai

Mid-October 2014: Working with Faisal Waheedy and Jose Redondo, needle-plucking a big, big yamadori Scots Pine!

honeysuckle bonsai

Mid-October 2014: While in London I had the pleasure of seeing this beautiful climbing/vine Honeysuckle bonsai, Lonicera americana, flowering.

honeysuckle bonsai

Mid-October 2014: Detail of the Honeysuckle bonsai flower.

clean bonsai tools

Late October 2014: In late October I was pleased to publish an article revealing how an easily-available house-hold product could be used to clean bonsai tools, and in particular, carving bits, quickly and effectively. Cleaning Bonsai Tools and Wood-Carving Bits

sabina juniper bonsai

Late October 2014: A stunning Juniper sabina I received into my garden at the end of October, imported from Spain. 29cm/11.5" in height, the tree was still absolutely raw, as-collected from the Spanish mountains in 2012 and never worked on before. (More images on the following page).

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