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This article contains a selection of updates and images I've posted on Social Media (Google+ and Facebook) over the Spring of 2015; from March 21st to June 21st 2015.

larch bonsai

Late March 2015: Fantastic little Larch bonsai (Larix decidua) brought to my garden by its owner Alex Mai Bonsai. The tree is just 20cm/8" in height.

Alex became a regular student of mine at the beginning of the year and throughout the Spring he brought along many excellent specimens for us to work on and refine together.

acer kiyohime bonsai

Early April 2015: Gorgeous shohin Acer palmatum "Kiyohime" brought to my garden by Alex Mai Bonsai. Height approx 10"/25cm.

hornbeam bonsai

Early April 2015: European Hornbeam bonsai I was commissioned to re-style and refine throughout the growing season of 2015, here after initial re-styling.
Height 30"/77cm

Pyracantha bonsai

Early April 2015: Pyracantha bonsai I was asked to restyle in the Spring. The owner collected the tree in 2011 and it had responded with vigour!
My apprentice Sean Stolp spent many hours wiring the tree, (and ripping his hands on its vicious thorns!) before I re-styled and repotted it.
Height 39cm/15.5", trunk diameter 20cm/8".

Pyracantha bonsai

Detail image of the base of the Pyracantha which is 20cm/8" in diameter!

maple bonsai

Early April 2015: I had the pleasure of visiting the garden of Sean Stolp this morning, Sean had been apprenticing with me since January but this was my first opportunity to see some of his collected material for bonsai, including this amazing Field Maple / Acer campestre. Sean told me it took the best part of 7 hours to dig the tree from a hedgerow!

Maple bonsai

Detail of Sean's Field Maple

Yew bonsai

Another of Sean's finds.......a massive Taxus / Yew!

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