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This article contains a selection of updates and images I've posted on Social Media (Google+ and Facebook) over the Summer of 2015; from June 21st to September 21st 2015.

bonsai juniper

Late June 2015: I finished styling this Juniperus chinensis / Chinese Juniper bonsai with its owner Alex Mai Bonsai​ in late June after approximately 7 hours wiring and repositioning the branches. The tree originated in the North East UK where it had been grown for 30-40 years by its previous owner.
The trickiest part of the restyling was to split a large primary branch to build the new crown. Eventually the first right-hand branch will be shorter but I felt it was too risky (for the health of the branch as a whole) to remove any more foliage in order to shorten it.
Height 21"/47cm.

bonsai elm

Late June 2015: My big English Elm Bonsai (Ulmus minor) in late June after complete defoliation.
Height 27"/66cm, trunkbase 9"/22cm in diameter. Planted in a Victor Harris, Erin Pottery / Bonsai pot.

elm bonsai

Late June 2015: Before and after re-styling a beautiful Chinese Elm in late June. This exposed-root form bonsai, or neagari, required some thorough pruning to show it, and its movement, to best effect.

bonsai elm roots

Detail of the exposed roots and bark on the Elm bonsai.

privet bonsai

Late June 2015: Collected Privet bonsai (Ligustrum ovalifolium), still unstyled, after carving. 19"/47cm in height. 8"/19cm trunkbase

juniper bonsai bending

Early July 2015: Bending a Sabina Juniper bonsai with a turnbuckle. The 'S' bend upper trunk was successfully split and bent last Summer, a year later it was ready to be bent further.

sabina juniper

Early July 2015: The 'S' bend Juniper sabina as seen from the back, after bending.
The lower and upper bends were compressed last year by splitting the deadwood and live veins in many places before being bent through many degrees using a turnbuckle. Having ensured that the tree survived that operation, I gave the upper bend a further compression.
Once it's established that the tree had recovered from this work, I would be able to start to refine the deadwood and live veins.

juniper sabina bonsai

Early July 2015: The 'S' bend Juniper sabina bonsai before I started working on it in 2014 and in July 2015, as seen from the back.
In the two images above it is possible to see how far, and how, I bent the 3" thick trunk.
The final design would use the foliage that sits directly above the trunkbase and the branches and foliage that grow towards the left, along a separate vein and kept here as an insurance, would be removed.

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