Leinster Bonsai Club Workshop, Dublin, Ireland 2017

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berberis bonsai

berberis bonsai

A very big fat Barberry (Berberis) collected from an old garden around Dublin.

berberis bonsai

berberis bonsai

The Berberis after some roughing-out of the deadwood, primarily to remove some inverse taper, followed by initial pruning and wiring of the branches. I loved the deadwood on this tree!

Lonicera bonsai

Discussing a fat Lonicera stump with its owner

Larch bonsai

Carving another of my favourite trees on the day; a yamadori Larch (Larix). The deadwood on this Larch was well-weathered and easy to carve. The trunk required creation of a shari on one side to link up some old pruning scars, hide a newly created jin where we had removed a branch, and also removal of some wood to correct a section of inverse taper.

larch bonsai

With relatively few branches and only straightforward carving required, this was a great subject for a large workshop, as we were able to achieve a finished design by the end of the day.

olive bonsai

olive bonsai

Before and After images of an Olive bonsai, carved during the workshop.

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