Leinster Bonsai Club Workshop, Dublin, Ireland 2017

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hawthorn raft yamadori bonsai

hawthorn raft yamadori bonsai

hawthorn raft yamadori bonsai

This stunning Hawthorn (Crataegus) raft yamadori bonsai was a joy to see, with a great future if developed well. Far too complex a tree to be fully considered or properly worked during a busy workshop, instead the raft was discussed at length. Its owner made a great job of moving the tree into a bonsai pot, leaving the removal of any trunks or heavy growth until a later date.

hawthorn raft yamadori bonsai

Yamadori Hawthorn raft, approximately 50cm wide, planted into a slab by one of the Leinster Bonsai Club members, Maciej of Magic Cermamics.

Maciej of Magic Cermamics accent pot

Another creation, an accent pot by Maciej of Magic Cermamics.

hornbeam chop

It is always a brave man that can chop the top off his tree to build a new apex!

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