The Hill: Collecting Hawthorn yamadori for bonsai Part One

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This is some footage I took a couple of weeks ago on a dull January day while out collecting old Hawthorn for bonsai, on what has become known as The Hill. A place where I have been collecting old trees for the past 5 years. The footage isn't great, mainly shot on a GoPro (bad idea) and in poor to non-existent light. If you're looking for a glossy well-shot video, you'd definitely be better off moving onto the next YouTube video.

Despite the quality, I've decided to go ahead publish simply because there are a number of people interested in this 'first look' at the the Hill and it does go someway to illustrate the reality of collecting yamadori. It's cold, dirty and muddy, and hard graft that those of us who collect have to endure! If you make it to the end of the video, you do get a good glimpse of the stunning tree I collected......and hopefully you'll pick up some tips on the way.

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