English Elm Bonsai in Winter

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This article features a series of new images of my English Elm bonsai (Ulmus minor), that has been in development since I airlayered it from the branch of an old field-growing Elm growing in the wild, 10 years ago. The bonsai is well-known from my first book Bonsai Inspirations 1, where its development is recorded in a Progression Series, unique to that book.

elm bonsai

Left: the year-old airlayer photographed in 2005 and right, in December 2014. By 2005, the primary branches of the tree had already been selected and a new trunkleader was being grown out, development ever since has focussed on these primary branches and new trunkleader.

elm bonsai

English or Field Elm/Ulmus minor

Height 17"/42cm

Pot by Victor Harris of Erin Bonsai

elm bonsai

Detail of the bonsai pot by Victor Harris of Erin Bonsai

elm bonsai

The first or "character" branch of the bonsai. Although it does not emerge lowest on the trunk, it is the longest, most dominant branch and reachest lowest meaning that it sets the character and movement of the tree.

elm bonsai

The bottom branches of the bonsai.

elm bonsai

The middle branches and crown or apex of the bonsai.

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