Styling Juniper Bonsai Branches : Thinning Out

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Reducing all branch junctions to two branches
All branches should bifurcate; that is, they should divide into two. Where there are more than two branches at a junction, the number should be reduced.

Which of the surplus branches are to be removed is down to the enthusiast and depends on which branches he perceives will be the most useful to retain for styling. This can depend on factors such as the length of the branch, the amount of useful foliage it carries, the type of foliage it has (whether it is mature and juvenile) and whether the removal of a thicker branch will improve branch taper.

juniper bonsai branches

The heavily congested section of the foliage mass before thinning...........

juniper bonsai branch

...............and after thinning out of the foliage on the remaining branches. … Note the bare shoots with sprays of foliage at their tips.

With the runts and hotheads removed and all branch intersections reduced to just two, the remaining shoots can then prepared ready for wiring and placement, also known as 'laying out'.

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