Wiring a Pine Bonsai and Creating a Big Bend video

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This is a free 17 minute lecture for the Developing Coniferous Bonsai Course I recorded last Summer. Demonstrated in this segment are some tips on wiring Pine branches and my approach to positioning them, plus the bending of a relatively thick section of trunk. Produced by Bonsai Empire, the Developing Coniferous Bonsai Course itself features myself and 3 world-renowned artists in Mauro Stemberger, Jan Culek and Walter Pall. During the course we demonstrate a wide range of techniques on relatively ordinary coniferous species such as Pine, Juniper and Spruce over 23 lectures. If you would like to enroll on this video series, professionally shot in 4 different countries last year, please visit https://www.bonsaiempire.com/courses/... you will not regret it! If you prefer to learn by reading, my books are available via http://bonsai4me.com/shop