Autumn Bonsai Images 2011

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hawthorn bonsai

Detail of the pot the Hawthorn bonsai is planted in by Erin Bonsai.

privet bonsai

Re-carving one of my large privets during September, there is still 10-15 hours of work ahead of me before it's finished.

field maple bonsai root

Detail of the root of a Field Maple bonsai split lengthways and hollowed in 2007. To the left is an approach-grafted root attached the same year.

bonsai pot

A beautiful new bonsai pot received from for a large Elm bonsai. 16"/40cm in diameter and designed to look like a cracked or damaged pot.

elm bonsai

The Elm bonsai in its new pot. English or Field Elm/Ulmus bonsai.
Height 27"/66cm, trunkbase 9"/22cm in diameter
Collected in August 2004

dawn chilterns

This image of the sun rising over the Chiltern hills (Buckinghamshire, UK) was captured in October.

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