Autumn Bonsai Images 2011

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2011 was one of the longest growing seasons I remember; after an exceptionally warm Spring that prompted all of my trees into leaf weeks early, Autumn was very warm and my deciduous trees did not start to lose their leaves until mid-November. It has led to some phenomenal growth this year!

Here follows my bonsai Autumn of 2011 in images:

cotoneaster bonsai

Cotoneaster microphyllus Shohin Bonsai I styled during September. Height 11.5”/28cm with a 4”/10cm diameter trunk-base. Owned and originally collected by Faisal Waheedy.

cotoneaster bonsai carving

Carving detail of the Cotoneaster

hawthorn bonsai

Crataegus monogyna/Common Hawthorn Bonsai. Height 28"/70cm
I collected this Hawthorn in 2004 after prepping it in the ground for 3 years

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