Bonsai Autumn Images 2010

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With Christmas and the official start of Winter just a week away, I have decided to publish this selection of images taken during the course of my bonsai Autumn 2010.

juniper bonsai

October 2010: This Juniperus chinensis/Chinese Juniper originally styled by Peter Chan, was passed to me for restyling and so I rewired and recarved it. Height 20"/49cm, trunk diameter 2.5".
The tree has a mixture of mature foliage (scales) and immature needle foliage; in time it will settle down and produce just mature foliage for a more refined image.

juniper bonsai carving

The deadwood of the Chinese Juniper; the top left image shows the deadwood before carving

elm bonsai

October 2010: an English Elm bonsai, taken as an airlayer in the wild in 2004 by myself, 20"/49cm in height with a 3.5" trunk diameter.

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