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After the threat of drought early in the year, Spring 2012 in the UK was one of the wettest on record and had remarkably little in the way of sunshine. Despite a comparatively late start to the growing season, growth rates in the garden as well as my bonsai have been fantastic.

Here is a selection of images from my bonsai Spring 2012.

honeysuckle bonsai

This was an amazing Honeysuckle bonsai I was fortunate enough to see in someone's garden in late March. The hollow trunk consisting of several naturally-coiling live-veins.

white pine bonsai

In late March I re-visited this large (ungrafted) Japanese White Pine that I styled during 2011, pictured here with its owner.

trident maple bonsai pot


trident maple bonsai pot

Detail of a large 22"/ 54cm wide bonsai pot newly made at Erin Bonsai for a large Trident maple bonsai repotted in late March.

elm bonsai repotting

The very dense and compact roots of my English Elm (originally featured in my book Bonsai Inspirations 1) after root-pruning at the end of March. The trunkbase is 3"-4" in diameter.

While great care must be taken when root-pruning the roots of a bonsai very hard, it is the correct thing to do with a deciduous tree, such as this one, that has an extremely dense rootball comprised of a huge number of fine roots.

Such a rootball is more easily achieved with a species like Elm that naturally roots very strongly and densely.

elm bonsai

The same English Elm bonsai with Spring buds opening a week later in early April. Height 17"/42cm Pot by Erin Bonsai

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