Bonsai Summer Images 2010

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The owner contacted me because he had been worrying about the health of the tree for a few years now and this year the leaves were very few and far between and very small. Taking the tree out of its pot, it was immediately obvious why, the lack of rootpruning meant that there was literally no space for new roots to grow into and a large portion of the small (15cm dia) pot consisted of groundsoil........from 1974!

acer palmatum bonsai

To re-invigorate the Acer I simply removed as much ground-soil as I could without disturbing the roots and then planted the tree in a slightly larger pot with a mixture of catlitter/high fired clay and sphagnum. This should encourage plenty of new root growth during the remainder of the year allowing me to carry out a thorough repotting (including bare-rooting) next March, at that point the tree can go back into its original pot.

hawthorn bonsai deadwood

June 2010: In my own garden I worked on this Hawthorn bonsai, carving a large shari to create taper in the trunk where previously there had been inverse taper

hawthorn bonsai

The newly carved Hawthorn/Crataegus monogyna bonsai, collected in 2006 by me and my son Jake.
Height 18"/44cm, trunk base 4"/10cm in diameter. Planted in a handmade pot by Erin Bonsai.

Larch bonsai progression

July 2010: European Larch/Larix decidua over the course of 2010

Top Left: As purchased in March from Birmingham Botanical Bonsai Boot Sale having been dug from the ground where it had been field grown just hours before..
Top Right: A couple of days later after potting up and rough pruning the tree
Bottom Left: Two months later in May
Bottom Right: 5 months later in late July after styling.

Height 20"/49cm, trunk base diameter 5"/12.5cm

larch bonsai

And a second field-grown Larch, again purchased in March and developed over the growing season of 2010. Height 31", trunk diameter 3"

larch bonsai deadwood jin

The top jin of the Larch bonsai seen from different angles

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