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With the return of the cooler nights and shorter days, Summer in the UK has come to a close and I thought I would review the season by publishing a selection of images from my bonsai Summer

hawthorn bonsai

July 2010: My favourite image from the Summer. Crataegus monogyna/Common Hawthorn bonsai pictured with my 10 month old daughter Alice.

Height 30"/77cm with a 3" trunk diameter
Tree collected 2001
Pot by Erin Pottery

ficus bonsai airlayer

June 2010: An ugly S-shaped Ficus microcarpa/Fig bonsai with the smaller leaves of another ficus variety grafted to the trunk, belonging to a student. The tree had a multitude of faults including some nasty scars and inverse taper, so I decided that we should airlayer the top half of the tree to make a new bonsai and shorten the trunk of the lower half to take advantage of an interesting trunkbase.

ficus microcarpa bonsai

August 2010: After the airlayer had rooted, the upper trunk was removed from the tree and the trunk chopped back to a lower branch to create the bonsai pictured above. The bonsai was then bare-rooted and potted into a new mica training pot. The tree will now have a new branch structure developed over the forthcoming year(s)

acer palmatum japanese maple bonsai

June 2010:This was an interesting bonsai I worked on with a student; an Acer palmatum (variety unknown) bought in 1974. Since then it has never been bare-rooted and has only been lightly root-pruned 4 times, the last time being over 5 years ago!
Apparently it has barely grown in the past 30+years (unsurprisingly given that it has probably been rootbound nearly all of its life) and very rarely puts out a new shoot/extension growth as a result, rather it simply opens a 2 new leaves per bud each year that remain inert until falling in Autumn.

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