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After a hot and dry Spring in the UK, the Summer that followed was very wet and mild. A relief for those of us who spent the first three months of the growing season continually watering their bonsai!

Here follows my bonsai summer of 2011 in images:

hosta bonsai accent

hosta bonsai accent

June 2011:Contrasting Hostas: Hosta venusata bonsai accent set against a Hosta 'Sum and Substance'.
The H. venusata leaf-size is approx 15mm while the leaves of the 'Sum and Substance' are around 340mm each in length (not including the stem/petiole)

privet bonsai

June 2011:My Ligustrum ovalifolium/Common Privet Bonsai, height 15"/37cm after partial defoliation to remove all but the smallest leaves on the tree

privet bonsai

The crown of the Privet after partial defoliation. Removing all but the smallest leaves took approximately 4 hours and involved the removal of 1000's of leaves, one by one. Those leaves that still remain are incredibly small.

privet bonsai

Detail image of the crown of the privet as seen from below

elm bonsai defoliation

July 2011: In early July I fully defoliated my large English Elm to allow easier wiring of the Spring growth and to increase ramification. Height of bonsai 27"/66cm, trunkbase 9"/22cm in diameter.

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