Bonsai Winter Images 2010-2011

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A selection of my bonsai images taken during the Winter, Dec 2010 to March 2011

Siberian Elm Bonsai

Ulmus pumila/Siberian Elm after rewiring and pruning in early December after leaf-fall
Height 23"/57cm. Pot by Erin Bonsai.

I originally purchased this tree in the Summer of 2005 as raw field-grown material. Not as fast growing or as responsive to bonsai techniques as many other Ulmus species, this Siberian Elm bonsai has so far been nearly 6 years in development.

Siberian Elm Bonsa

The majority of my time has been spent establishing and refining the branch structure on the existing trunklines

Siberian Elm Bonsa

Close-up of the trunkbase and the superb oval pot by Vic Harris of Erin Bonsai

bonsai in the snow

A week before Christmas and the UK was hit by snow painting a pretty picture but making any kind of work on my trees virtually impossible!

bonsai in the snow

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