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After a return to posting updates and images on Social Media (Google+ and Facebook) since last Autumn, I feel it is appropriate to return to pubishing a round-up of some of those images and posts on

Last Winter and early Spring has been the wettest, and mildest, on record in the UK. Very unusually, we have had just 3 nights with very mild (-1C) frosts and an incredible amount of rain. As a result of the mild early Spring, leaf-buds have already started to open (a full 6 weeks earlier than last Spring) and repotting started earlier than I remember for many years. Let's hope the early Spring brings a very long growing season!

bonsai wiring

Late November 2013: Wiring a very big Pomegranate bonsai for a client.

pomegranate bonsai

November 2013: This wild Pomegranate had very impressive natural deadwood and hollows.

chiltern hills

December 2013: A very mild Autumn meant that in early December I had some free time while I waited for the leaves to drop from my deciduous bonsai. I took a large number of images for the forthcoming reprint of my first book Bonsai Inspirations 1, in and around the Chiltern Hills in Buckinghamshire, UK

ridgeway chilterns deadwood

December 2013: A rotting beech/fagus trunk with a spiraling wood-grain

ridgeway chilterns yew

December 2013: I discovered this ancient Taxus/Yew while out walking a few weeks previously, but typically, on that particular day I hadn't taken my camera out with me. So returned to the hills to take some pictures of it, and obliging, the sun came out when I got there!

tilia bonsai

December 2013: My small-Leaved Lime/Tilia cordata bonsai, pruned and wired for the Winter.
Height 22"/56cm
Bonsai pot by Victor Harris of Erin Pottery / Bonsai
This tree was developed from a pencil-thick sapling started in 2001 and its Progression is covered in great depth in my second book Bonsai Inspirations 2

hawthorn bonsai

December 2013: Crataegus monogyna/ Common Hawthorn bonsai, just 9"/22cm in height in a handmade pot by Victor Harris of Erin Pottery / Bonsai. 
I originally collected this tree in early 2002; but these images show the bonsai exactly 10 years apart, in December 2003 after I had chopped it, and December 2013 after I had restyled it for the current owner who bought it off me in 2008 I think. A full progression series can be seen here on


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