Bonsai Winter/Spring Images 2014

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privet bonsai

December 2013: My Ligustrum ovalifolium/Common Privet bonsai, newly wired and pruned
Height 19"/48 cm
Developed from an old hedgerow tree collected in 2004.

cotoneaster bonsai

December 2013: My big 30"/77cm tall Cotoneaster franchetti, newly pruned for the Winter. It had a disappointing number of berries compared to previous years, but I was still very pleased with the branch structure that I'd been building since I collected the tree in 2005.
Readers of my book Bonsai Basics may recognise this tree from the its cover 
Bonsai pot by Victor Harris of Erin Pottery / Bonsai

siberian elm bonsai

December 2013: My Ulmus pumila/Siberian Elm bonsai, pictured next to myself, after leaf-fall and pruning. Height 21"/52cm
Tree in development since 2005.
Bonsai pot by Victor Harris of Erin Pottery / Bonsai

elm bonsai

Detail image of the pot by Victor Harris and the base of my Ulmus pumila/Siberian Elm bonsai

english elm bonsai

December 2013: English Elm/Ulmus procera bonsai on a slab; height just 7"/18cm. This was a large 3"/8cm diameter root cutting I took around 4 years ago; the top image shows the cutting 18 months ago and the bottom image shows it as it is now, planted in an amazing stone-slab pot byVictor Harris of Erin Pottery / Bonsai

privet bonsai

December 2013: With the bonsai having become dormant for the Winter, I started defoliating my favourite Privet bonsai........... however, the leaves had become so small it took 3 hours just to clear the back branches!

approach graft bonsai

December 2013: The roots on the back of a Field Maple bonsai. These were all approach-grafted 7 years previously in 2007 (top image) (also see here) and in December 2013 (bottom image).

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