Diospyros sp. ( Kamuning bilog)by Leo de Leon

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diospyros bonsai

This species is easy to grow in tropical climates and is suitable to for all bonsai styles. Its leaves are oval in shape and grow alternately. The bark is smooth and light in color. Wood is beautifully marbled.

flowers of Diospyros

The flowers of Diospyros are small and clustered.

Basic Care and Culture:

1. Light requirement/position- can tolerate partial shade to full sun. A location with good air circulation is best.

2. Watering- at least twice a day during summer. A good drenching of the soil is beneficial to the tree.

3. Fertilizer application- at lease once a month is enough (14-14-14) or any organic fertilizer available to the grower. I personally use fish emulsion and sea weed extract as foliar feed and soil drench.

4. Soil- good draining soil mix is recommended. I use coarse river sand with some wood charcoal.

5. Repotting – It is a good practice to repot this tree every two to three years to maintain its good health.


diospyros bonsaidiospyros bonsai

diospyros bonsaidiospyros bonsai

Frequent pruning is necessary to maintain the shape of Diospyros bonsai. As we compare the pictures on the left with the pictures on the right, new shoots have already grown in just about seven days.

Defoliating and Cleaning the branch structure

diospyros bonsai
Firstly, remove all unwanted growth like the ones growing in the junction of the truck and the branch.

diospyros bonsai

With this tree, it is worth noting that the new shoots grow only just below the cut and almost never further back along the branch.

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