Old Hawthorn Stump Progression Series

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Finally, I decided to remove the lowest 2 branches (see the result below) and to make the new first branch deeper and lower to compensate.

Old Hawthorn Stump Progression Series

August 2006 The Hawthorn was planted into a new Erin Pot and it finally started to look like a bonsai after nearly 6 years of development.

Old Hawthorn Stump Progression Series

November 2006 The tree is given a thorough rewiring. It is possible to see in this image how I had lowered the bulk of the first branch and its secondary shoots with wire.

hawthorn bonsai

November 2007 The changes over the previous year have been subtle. My main priority has been to thicken the lower primary branches (the branch sections that actually grow from the trunk itself) while also increasing ramification (the number of fine shoots at the tips of all of the branches). To this end, I allowed selected shoots to grow freely from April to late June to encourage thickening of the primary branches and then pruned back hard to encourage a flush of fine late Summer growth and increase ramification. Unfortunately, one of the wettest and gloomiest Summers on record resulted in a poor second flush of growth!

The bonsai is shown here after its annual Autumn tidy up and a thorough pruning and wiring of the branches.

Bonsai dimensions: Height 21"/52cm, trunk diameter (above base) 3.5"/8.5cm

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