Development of Root Over Rock Bonsai

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With the initiation of the roots growing over the rock completed, I finished the days' work by pruning away all excess top growth.

Root over rock elm

Root over rock elm

Winter 2004 Height of Rock 5+" Actual Height of Tree 2"

Root over rock elm

September 2006: The Elm has now been planted into an Erin Pot and branch taper and ramification has slowly developed over the past two years.

shohin elm over rock bonsai

December 2006: The 'normal' leaf size of a fully grown Ulmus procera is around 10cm, larger than the height of this tree (excluding the roots). The leaves of this bonsai have now reduced to an average of around just 1cm.

elm root over rock bonsai

March 2008: Repotted into a smaller bonsai pot from Erin Pottery.

elm over rock bonsai

April 2008: And in leaf

Current height of tree 3"/7.5cm, height above soil level 8.5"/21cm

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