Creating and Using 'Uro' with Bonsai

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Further examples of the use of Uro's with bonsai

uro on hawthorn bonsai

The first image shows a hawthorn trunk immediately after collection; there are several branch stubs remaining where large branches have been removed. These were hollowed out to make uro's. The other images show the same tree 3 years later with a new branch structure developing. The uros are barely noticeable and their edges have healed over well.

uro on hawthorn bonsai

The first of these two images shows a a hawthorn trunk just after collection. I decided to remove the smaller secondary trunk and created a uro out of the resulting wound. After 3-4 years, the uro has become an interesting feature of the trunk.

uro on hawthorn bonsaiuro on hawthorn bonsai

Finally, this small unfinished Hawthorn is seen after collection with a very large branch stub at the preferred front of the tree. Again, the use of the uro technique has enabled the same front to be used without an artificial looking scar marring it's appearance.

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