Wisteria Bonsai Progression Series

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Japanese Wisteria Bonsai

I bought this Japanese Wisteria in the Spring of 2001; originally it was the stock trunk for a much taller, grafted Wisteria standard that had failed and died back.

Here is the tree after getting it home.

Quite soon after purchase, I realised the reason for the tree's ill-health was due to the soil it was growing in. A careful midsummer repotting was carried out revealing a poor root system trying to survive in airless clay and ground soil.

Japanese Wisteria Bonsai

Winter 2001.

Having repotted the tree into fresh, fast draining soil the Wisteria responded very strongly. Carrying out a risky midsummer repotting had proved successful with this tree.

Having re-established the trees vigour, after leaf fall the trunk was chopped to start the process of trunk-building.

Japanese Wisteria Bonsai

Winter 2003

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