Trunk Splitting Bonsai

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Trunk Splitting Bonsai

Given the necessity to work quickly and accurately, the trunk is sawn from below using a reciprocating saw.

Trunk Splitting Bonsai

 A clear cut, straight through the trunk.

Notice that the cut has been made between two major roots that grow beneath each side of the shari.

Trunk Splitting Bonsai

.A piece of bamboo was then slowly inserted from the bottom of the cut, slowly forcing the split to open. Great care was taken that the cut/split was not allowed to continue unabated up the trunk. The tree was then repotted with the tree slightly rotated toward the right (with the bamboo still in place to hold the split open).

Further work was carried out, the shari was extended higher up the trunk to encompass another wound from a previous branch removal; the shari and the split/cut were carved to create a more natural appearance and the previous small first branch was jinned.

Trunk Splitting Bonsai

Over the past few weeks, the shari has been painted with a mixture of lime sulphur and black paint to exaggerate the hollow.

For now, the tree will be allowed to recover and the next few years will be spent developing the branching and foliage density.

At the time of writing, the tree has budded out very strongly for Spring and the only sign of weakness to the tree is in the first right branch just above the shari.

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