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The new Bonsai Book for 2019 by Harry Harrington
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autumn bonsai

Autumn colours in the garden of Harry Harrington.

Following the changes in your bonsai as they go through the seasons is always a delight; from the arrival of the bright new buds on bare branches in Spring to the many green hues of the leaves in Summer to the vibrant red, orange and yellow leaves in the Autumn. And then Winter comes and the fine tracery of bare branches around the gnarled and aged trunk of a bonsai can be enjoyed for 4 months as each bonsai withstands the worst that Mother Nature can throw at them.

roof-top garden

A roof-top garden in central London, England

roof-top garden in Central London

A roof-top garden in Central London, England

Bonsai and Koi

Bonsai and Koi in a garden near Luton, England

bonsai garden

Bonsai displayed in a garden in Surrey, England

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