Images from the 2019 European Bonsai San Show, Saulieu, France.

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On October 12th and 13th 2019, I had the great pleasure of returning to the European Bonsai San Show in Saulieu, Burgundy, France, as a trader for the .On the Saturday evening I also awarded the Bonsai4me trophy for 'Best Deciduous Chuhin/Kifu in Show'.

As I have come to expect with this Show, there was an incredibly high standard of trees, held in a large hall with excellent light and facilities and a very friendly atmosphere. Credit must go to the organisers Fred Chenal and his wife Stephanie.

This article represents a collection of my personal favourite images from the weekend.

Behind the scenes footage as we travel down to Saulieu for the European Bonsai San Show October 14/15th 2019, set up the Bonsai4me and EBPC trade stand and of course, enjoy some of the best bonsai in Europe!

All filmed on my iPhone X , processed by GoPro and assembled by Robbie J of the Scottish Bonsai Association.

juniper bonsai

Pinus sylvestris/ Scots Pine bonsai by David Quintana. Yamaaki pot.

Beech bonsai

Fagus sylvatica/European Beech by Cindy Verstraeten. Tokoname bonsai pot.

accent plant Mt fuji

Accent planting by Michel Otto.

scots pine bonsai

Pinus sylvestris/Scots Pine bonsai by Milan Karpisek

juniper bonsai


pomegranate bonsai

Punica granatum/Pomegranate by Steve Hale. Koyo bonsai pot.

yew bonsai

Taxus cuspidata/Japanese Yew bonsai by Warren Radford. Gyouzan bonsai pot.

scots pine bonsai

Pinus mugho/Mugo Pine by Jorge Campos. Japanese Bonsai Pot.

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