Images from the Expo Bonsai UK 2019 Show

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On April 7th 2019, I had the great pleasure of attending the Expo Bonsai UK 2019 Show near Heathrow, London, England. The show had an incredibly high standard of trees drawn from around some of the best artists in the UK, as well as many traders. Credit must go to the organiser Steve Hale as well as Mark and Ming Moreland.

Here follows my favourite images from the day; as ever with sports halls, the fluorescent lighting does not make photography easy! Trees had nameplates with the species name and pot maker on them only, so please excuse the lack of information given with each image.

japanese Maple bonsai

Acer palmatum/Japanese Maple bonsai. Owner Rod McFarlane. Japanese pot.

Japanese Black Pine bonsai

Japanese Black Pine bonsa

Japanese Black Pine bonsa

Pinus thunbergii/Japanese Black Pine bonsai. Owner Mike Rose. Tokoname bonsai pot.

Taxus Yew bonsai

Taxus Yew bonsai

Taxus/Yew bonsai. Owner Barry Gatt.

Prunus spinosa/Blackthorn bonsai

Prunus spinosa/Blackthorn bonsai. Owned by Peter Evans. Bonsai pot by John Pitt.

Needle Juniper bonsai

Needle Juniper bonsai

Juniperus rigida/Needle Juniper bonsai. Owner Dean Morgan.

Prunus spinosa Blackthorn bonsai

Prunus spinosa Blackthorn bonsai

Prunus spinosa Blackthorn bonsai

Prunus spinosa/ Blackthorn bonsai. Owned by Steve McKee. Bonsai pot by Stone Monkey. Root stand by Paul Finch.

Scots Pine bonsai

Pinus sylvestris/Scots Pine bonsai. Owned by Stewart Beresford. Bonsai pot by Gordon Duffet.

Fagus sylvatica/European Beech bonsai raft

Fagus sylvatica/European Beech bonsai raft. Owned by John Turner. Chinese bonsai pot.

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