Ligustrum ovalifolium/ Privet Bonsai Images 2015

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privet bonsai

The bonsai seen from the right-hand side.

privet bonsai

The crown of the bonsai as seen from the right hand side. Here it can be seen that the crown, or apex, leans towards the front of the tree (to the left of the image).

privet bonsai

Detail of the deadwood at the base of the tree, on the right hand side.

privet bonsai deadwood

Detail image of the deadwood at the front of the tree. Although the wood of Privet can be quite hard while it is still fresh, it deteriorates and becomes soft very quickly. This means that the wood must be treated regularly with a wood-hardener (see article) to stop it from rotting away. The deadwood on this tree has remained very stable for over a decade using these products.

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