Corylopsis/ Winter Hazel Bonsai



Corylopsis/ Winter Hazel Bonsai

Deciduous shrubs and small trees found in scrub and woodland in China, Taiwan and Japan. They have alternate, simple, ovate, toothed pale to dark-green leaves. Pendent racemes of bell-shaped, fragrant yellow flowers are produced in Spring before new leaves emerge.

Unlike Corylus/ Hazels, Winter Hazels are lime-hating and require acidic/ ericaceous soil and feed.
Particularly useful species for bonsai are Corylopsis pauciflora and C.spicata.


POSITION Full sun to slight shade in the height of Summer. Fully hardy though late frosts can damage flowers.

FEEDING Every two weeks throughout growing season with ericaceous/ acid feed.

REPOTTING Every two or three years after flowering; use lime-free soil mix.

PRUNING Trim back to shape after flowers fade until early Autumn when new flowers buds for the following season will be forming.

PROPAGATION Sow seed outside in Autumn. Ground layer in Autumn or air-layer in Spring. Greenwood cuttings in Summer.


STYLING Informal upright forms with single or multiple trunks in medium to extra-large sizes.

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