Coniferous Bonsai Species

Bonsai and Tree Species that typically have needles or scale-leaves. Most retain their leaves all year round, although there are some coniferous species such as Swamp Cypress or Larch that will also lose their leaves during the winter. The technical difference is that coniferous trees all bear cones containing seed.

Ezo Spruce bonsai by John Pitt

Picea/Spruce Bonsai: Styling, Pruning and Wiring

One characteristic of Spruce that is important to note is that they are a thirsty genus/species and require much cooler, more humid conditions than Pines. Although they do require plenty of light, try to avoid exposing them to direct sun during the afternoon in the Summer. 

Taxus cuspidata Japanese Yew by Harry Harrington

Taxus/ Yew Bonsai

Yews can be found growing naturally in the under-storey of deciduous woods where they are able to withstand very low light-levels.

Hemlock bonsai by Harry Harrington

Tsuga/ Hemlock Bonsai

Tsugas are typically tall, graceful trees with spreading branches that droop downwards at the tips creating a cascading effect. The bark is a cinnamon red colour and it becomes deeply furrowed with age.

Atlantic cedar bonsai

Cedrus/ Cedar Bonsai

A difficult species that needs to be handled carefully. However, it can make great bonsai!