Deciduous Bonsai Species

Bonsai and Tree Species that lose their leaves go dormant during the Winter months.

Quince shohin bonsai by Bob Van Ruitenbeek European Bonsai San Show 2019 (37)

Chaenomeles/ Flowering Quince Bonsai

Chaenomeles is a genus of 3 species of deciduous, spiny shrubs from mountain woodland in Japan and China. They are favoured for their early flowers which appear from early January onwards on bare branches

Hawthorn bonsai tree

Crataegus/ Hawthorn Bonsai

A classic British species for bonsai with sharp thorns, flowers in May and red berries in late Summer onwards.

Cotoneaster Shohin bonsai by Carlos Fernandez De Betono European Bonsai San Show 2019

Cotoneaster Bonsai

There are many species of Cotoneaster and even more varieties and hybrids suitable for bonsai cultivation.

Corylus avallena 'Contorta'/Corkscrew Hazel or 'Harry Lauder's Walking Stick' bonsai.

Corylus/ Hazel Bonsai

In Europe it is Corylus avellana / Common Hazel that is most frequently seen as bonsai.