Deciduous Bonsai Species

Bonsai and Tree Species that lose their leaves go dormant during the Winter months.

Celtis sinensis bonsai by Jean-Pierre Cardinal Bonsai Pot China Saulieu 161017

Celtis/ Hackberry Bonsai

Rarely seen in the UK, Hackberrys are a fairly commonly used species in America and Asia where hotter summers are beneficial to vigorous growth.

Hornbeam Bonsai

Carpinus/ Hornbeam Bonsai

Although slow starters, Hornbeam become very vigorous growers. Hornbeams prefer long growing seasons with hot summers however their leaves burn if not given some protection from the sun at the height of summer.

Harry Harrington Bonsai4me

Carmona/Fukien Tea Bonsai

In temperate regions the Fukien Tea is not hardy and are considered indoor trees for much of the year. Though easily available at bonsai outlets, the Fukien Tea can be difficult to look after, particularly for beginners.

boxwood bonsai

Buxus species/ Box or Boxwood bonsai

Boxwood have many good characteristics that are useful for bonsai. Dark green leaves that reduce well, naturally short internodes and they can take hard pruning that prompts prolific back budding.

bougainvillea bonsai

Bougainvillea glabra/ Bougainvillea

A strong-growing, evergreen climber with glossy, elliptic mid-deep green leaves. Favoured for white to magenta flowers borne on the ends of new growth from Summer to Autumn in the UK. Frost tender.

Azalea bonsai by Harry Harrington

Rhododendron species/ Azalea Bonsai

The Rhododendron genus is massive and includes anything between 500-900 species depending on which authority you consider. Some species are so similar to others that they are listed as subspecies rather than distinct species in their own right, others are established hybrids (such as Kurume and Satsuki) that are sometimes regarded as species in their own right.

japanese maple bonsai

Acer palmatum varieties/Japanese Maples

Acer palmatum are deciduous small trees and shrubs, with opposing odd-numbered (anything from 5-11) pointed leaves, native to Japan, China and Korea. There are at present hundreds of varieties in cultivation. They are very popular for use as bonsai due to their ready ability to respond to most bonsai techniques, beautiful foliage and graceful branch structure.

Acer Buergerianum / Trident Maple Bonsai

Acer buergerianum, the Trident Maple, is grown in many parts of the world as a ‘Street’ tree due to its tolerance of pruning, dry soil and air-pollution, these attributes also make it excellent material for bonsai culture…