Require frost protection below -5C

These species will require some protection from frost during the Winter.

fuchsia bonsai

Fuchsia/ Fuchsia Bonsai

Fuchsia are a fast growing deciduous/evergreen shrub that flowers profusely from late Spring onwards.

Ficus Fig bonsai

Ficus/ Fig Bonsai

One of the most popular trees for indoor bonsai and beginners, the Ficus genus consists of over 800 different species of evergreen trees, shrubs and woody climbers

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Lagerstroemia/ Myrtle Bonsai

In summer Myrtles need to placed outside in a sunny position though they will tolerate a sunny position indoors.

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Thymus/ Thyme Bonsai

Commonly, Thymus will be found growing with a large number of very thin ‘trunks’ emanating from the rootbase