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20Kg Naruko Slow Release Japanese Outdoor Bonsai Feed NPK 5:5:5

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Bonsai Feed & Fertilizer


Naruko is a slow release organic fertilizer from Japan specifically formulated for outdoor bonsai trees. It breaks down over time and feeds your trees every time you water making overfeeding and root burn much more difficult. It’s a well balanced feed with equal parts N/P/K, nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) at a ratio of 5:5:5. Sprinkle some Naruko on the soil surface every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the soil type and what you are trying to achieve with a particular tree. Remember good quality open and gritty bonsai soils will lose nutrients fairly quickly through the drainage holes when watering so it’s important to feed regularly throughout the growing season to insure your tree has all the nutrients it need. Generally trees are fed after the first spring flush of growth has hardened, usually a few weeks after growth has begun in early spring. Continue to feed until Autumn before the leaves have started to fall from the trees. Some evergreens will benefit from light feeding once or twice through the colder months. When Naruko breaks down it can sometimes look fury and a little mouldy or even produce a blackish layer where the feed was applied. Don’t be alarmed as this is perfectly normal and means the feed is breaking doing and doing its job. It might look a little unsightly for a while but you can be assured that your tree is being fed well every time you water. Naruko is probably the best value bonsai feed available on the market especially when compared to the bigger brands. If your tree is poorly or sickly DO NOT feed it as it will not make it better. Scrape off any feed already on the soil, find the cause and wait until normal growth has resumed before you start to feed again.

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