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Biochar - Enriched Carbon Feed 0.5kg 1 Litre

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ProBio Carbon Products are available to the UK and EU; products sold by Bonsai4me.com/shop are distributed into the EU from Ireland.

Biochar is an activated charcoal that continually 'cleans' the soil-mass and locks up potentially poisonous levels of chemicals, keeping the soil 'sweet' and healthy. Activated Charcoal aids the build-up of mycelium in the rootmass and BioChar has been enhanced with ProBio bacteria.

Apply a handful of BioChar into the substrate when repotting, or spread over the soil surface. Use up to 5% of the overall soil mass for best results.

The main benefits of BioChar Enriched Carbon Feed include:

  • improving soil nutrient availability by increasing the cationic exchange capacity in the soil;
  • improving soil water retention; and
  • increasing soil pH.
  • increases yields.
  • Fights diseases such as replant and Fusarium.

This leads to increased physical and chemical stability in the soil.

probio carbon - Enriched Carbon Feed combines the benefits of biochar and the plant growth promoting benefits of Bacillus subtilis. This results in a substantial reduction in the reliance on fertilisers, pesticides and irrigation for growers.

TAKEN FROM "Probio Carbon Bonsai Products- their use and application" leaflet by Graham Morris, Mark and Rita Cooper.
"Probio Carbon Enriched Carbon Feed (Biochar) is a form of charcoal produced from pyrolysed (heat treated) and
granulated Olive stones that have then been inoculated with beneficial growth promoting Bacillus subtilis. It is not to

be confused with other biochars, which may not have been pyrolysed at the optimum temperature in an oxygen free

atmosphere or inoculated with beneficial bacteria.

The internal structure of biochar (charcoal) is a little like honeycomb and has an extremely high surface area, this

being conducive to the growth of beneficial bacteria. It also sequesters (removes) carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

and adsorbs it to the soil (1 kg. takes 3.5 kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere).

The benefits are:

• improved soil nutrient availability by increasing the cationic exchange capacity in the soil

• improved soil water retention

• increasing soil pH

• helps combat diseases such as Fusarium

Probio Carbon Enriched Carbon Feed combines the benefits of both biochar and the plant growth promoting

benefits of Bacillus subtilis.

Storage of Probio Carbon Biochar

Because this product has been inoculated with Bacillus subtilis it is recommended to store it in a cool, dark, dry

place and use within 3 years of purchase.

Application of Biochar

Biochar is best added into the soil mix when repotting. The current recommendation is to use 5-10 % by volume.

It can also be spread on the soil surface and then lightly raked in. Be aware that being a dry product, it is light

and may be easily washed off the soil surface. Spraying/ dampening the product with water before use may help to

alleviate this. When applying to the soil surface it is best to ensure that the soil level is below the rim of the pot to

avoid run off when watering."

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