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Bonsai Nibblers Carving Tools

Widely regarded as the best carving bits for bonsai and used by many bonsai artists such as Harry Harrington, Bonsai Nibblers are now in stock in 2 different sizes, with 2 different carving-tips.

Designed to be fitted to Dremel power tools, these carving bits cut through the hardest of woods with ease! (See footage below)

Bonsai Nibblers fit all Dremel Power tools using a 3.2mm chuck.

The 'T' (triangular) Nibblers give a V cut. The 'R' (round) Nibblers give a U cut.

The Maxi's are longer than the Mini's and can carve more deeply into wood. However, the ability to remove wood at speed is the same with Mini's as the Maxi's.

Footage of Harry Harrington using a T-Maxi fitted to a Dremel 4000 to carve some very tough old hawthorn. Note the 'V' or triangular shape of the cut. The R-maxi nibblers give a more rounded cut. This ability to cut wood with great ease can be achieved with all types of Dremel multi-tool machines.
Not only essential for shaping intricate deadwood, Bonsai Nibblers are extremely useful for rapid trunkchops, branch cutting as well as removal of heavy roots during repotting.