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Collection Pack 50 tags

BON009 Collection Pack
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Collection packs are available in three sizes 25, 50 & 100 tags. These packs are ideal for tagging & identifying larger personal collections or for Bonsai nurseries to protect stock and Specimen Bonsai on display ready for sale.

Warning Sign

Large Warning Sign

Each pack contains the relevant number of components to match the pack size and includes warning signage , pot decals, loop lock tie labels plus implanter tools, drill bit and instructions.

The larger A5 size(210mm x 148mm x 3mm) warning sign is on a robust metal backed board which can be drilled and suitably fixed with the fixing pack provided for this purpose, then displayed on the premises where the Bonsai are kept.

Also provided are loop lock plant ties printed with a warning message, these ties can be written on and used to record the ID no. of the tagged tree. These reusable ties can be attached to the trees as a temporary/permanent measure of a treasured personal collection or attached to Bonsai nursery stock, this will give a visible indication that the Bonsai have been tagged and are identifiable and traceable.


Loop Lock Ties

Loop Lock tie attached to Bonsai

Loop Lock tie attached to Bonsai

Small Pot Decal

Pot Decal

The self adhesive vinyl pot decal is UV, water, solvent and abrasion resistant. The smaller 20mm diameter decal can be applied at a suitable point on the pot to indicate that the bonsai is tagged. The decal can easily be removed if required without damaging the pot.

Implanter gun

Implanter Gun

The reusable implanter gun tool is used for injecting a tag into a bonsai tree. The preloaded Transponder tag canula (needle) is attached to the implanter gun tool, squeezing the trigger pushes the tag out of the canula in one easy positive motion into the donor tree.

Collection Pack 50 tags contains the items listed below:-

50 x Preloaded Transponder canula & ID labels

50 x Pot warning Decals

50 x Loop lock ties

1 x Large Warning Sign & fixing pack

1 x Implanter gun

1 x Wire injection tool

1 x 3mm drill bit

1 x Instructions

This product is solely intended for use in connection with the identification of Bonsai trees & pots, ‘BON-TAG’ does not accept responsibility for any damage, injury or demise of any item, livestock, animal or person, with the use of this or any other related products.

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